Welcome To Escape for Nurses

The medical industry is rapidly changing, impacting more patients.

The influence of patient’ outcomes is dependent on the nurse’s ability to provide culturally competent and compassionate care to their clients (Kieft, De Brouwer, Francke, and Delnoij, 2014).

  • Studies show that 50% of nurses calling out of work due to burnout (Sallon, Katz-Eisner, Yaffe, and Bdolah-Abram, 2017)?
  • Burnout is the reason why 300 nurses commit suicide annually.
  • Up to 75% of nurses reported feeling burnout?

The sad thing is that, when you speak to nurses about this issue, the response is very causal. Nurses do not know the impact of burnout. 


Escape for Nurse’s mission is to strengthen nurses, students, and other healthcare workers, reciprocate care, eliminate burnt-out and encourage self-care.


Our goal is to provide 1000 healthcare workers within the next 5 years with resilience building, mindfulness activities that will improve work and home life as well as improve patient care and turnover rates.


All healthcare workers are encouraged to become members.
Paid membership includes: 

  • Educational activities to reduce burnout
  • Mindfulness activities (breathing exercises, guided imagery, yoga)
    • CEU dinner meetings
    • Sewing classes 
    • Paint nights 
    • Local Spa retreats and Log Cabin escapes 
  • Self-defense classes
    • resilience building
  • Annual nurses ball (2019 was amazing)
  • Networking 



Special Offers

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